TNRM’s LeadLyft App(Beta)

Your Leadership Development Engine

LeadLyft is a coaching-focused tool empowering leaders to track performance, self-reflect on growth, and visualize progress alongside their executive coach. For enterprises, gain unparalleled insights into team dynamics and organizational culture.


Accelerated Development

Identify key development areas and visualize progress over time for data-driven decision-making.

Actionable Insights

Reveal the connection between personal habits, business and relationship growth, self-assessments, and leadership performance with customizable metrics.

Coach-Client Partnership

Strengthen the coaching relationship with enhanced shared feedback loops and a shared data-backed view of growth.

Increased Leadership ROI Visibility

Demonstrate the direct impact of executive coaching by visualizing the leader's upward trajectory.

Enterprise Data Advantage

Understand team trends, monitor organizational culture health, and receive AI-powered insights to unlock performance potential.

LeadLyft is more than just another leadership tool. It's a data-driven engine that fuels growth for leaders, coaches, and enterprises.

Leaders: Accelerate Your Leadership Growth

Personalized coaching for tracking, visualizing, and gaining insights into leadership development with tailored metrics for informed growth.

Enterprises: Unlock Workforce Potential

Gain unmatched visibility into team dynamics and culture, informing leadership and organizational support with AI-powered insights from LeadLyft’s solution.

Coaches: Transform Your Practice

Empowering executive coaches with insights and personalized strategies to accelerate client development and maximize impact.


Executive Coach

LeadLyft completely transformed my approach to coaching. Seeing a client’s data alongside their insights helps me cut to the heart of what’s driving them – or holding them back.

Dr. Sarah Evans

Executive Coach
My clients love how LeadLyft brings structure and focus to our sessions. With a shared progress view, we get deeper faster. It’s a game-changer for my practice.

Ryan Baker

Leadership Coach

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