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Mastering Your Year
One Day at a Time
Learn to harness your inner strength and focus to overcome challenges, build stronger relationships, and design the life you’ve always dreamed of.
The Art of Navigating the Minefield
Difficult Conversations at Work (and Home)
Explore the importance of clear communication in navigating difficult conversations,both professional and personal. It delves into a practical model to understand the root causes of communication breakdown.
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Decoding Communication Styles
A Leader’s Guide to Unlocking
Team Potential
Communication has two key dimensions – directness and whether the message is driven by logic or emotion. Recognizing the four communication archetypes and their strengths/weaknesses enables more effective engagement. Adapting your style to connect with each archetype, while cultivating open communication, builds a high-performing, communication-conscious team.
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From Micromanager to Leader
Empowering Your Team for Success in a hybrid Workplacer
Discover the secret to impactful leadership communication – bridging the gap between your style and your team’s preferences for maximum clarity and resonance. Download now and unlock your communication potential.
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The Misunderstood Memo
Uncover the 9 Drivers of Employee Motivation Motivators Within Your Team
Understood the 9 drivers that motivation and create purpose for yourself and the people on your team. We often focus on monetary compensation, ignoring the 8 other factors that drive passion and purpose. Take the assessment to see where you find meaning and drive
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Empowering High Performance
A Manager’s Guide To Employee Growth and Development
This guide empowers managers to become strong supporters of employee development. It starts with the importance of planning and then dives into specific tools and techniques. Managers will learn how to conduct effective one-on-one meetings and performance reviews, fostering open communication and setting goals.
Managing Generational Diversity Mockup
Managing Generational Diversity
A detailed guide to a thriving culture with Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z
Explore the complexities and benefits of managing a multigenerational workforce with detailed insights into the unique characteristics and work preferences of Baby boomers, Gen X, Millenials and Gen Z.


Decode Your Communication Style and Unlock Team Harmony!

Discover the secrets to effective communication. Understand how directness and message drivers (logic or emotion) shape communication styles and meet the Communication Archetypes. Gain practical tips to adapt your approach and connect with anyone and foster an environment where open communication thrives.


Unmasking Your Authentic Self: How Introspection and Team Building Drive Success

In today's fast-paced world, self-discovery often takes a backseat. But Unbranded offers a unique solution, facilitating introspection to unlock true potential and foster stronger team dynamics. By delving into individual core values and motivations, participants gain self-awareness crucial for effective communication, collaboration, and leadership. This transformative experience not only enhances personal growth but also cultivates a more cohesive and productive workplace environment.

The Silent Injury: Recognizing and Healing Emotional Wounds in the Workplace

Silent emotional wounds, stemming from various life events, significantly impact individuals and workplaces, affecting health and productivity. Breaking the silence starts with acknowledging these wounds and seeking support through communication, self-care, professional help, and empathy. Prioritizing emotional well-being fosters resilience, creating a supportive environment for those affected.

6 daily habits that high achievers can use to improve productivity, from a Google executive coach

Hidden emotional wounds, arising from life's trials, deeply influence individuals and workplaces, impairing health and productivity. Initiating healing involves recognition and seeking aid through communication, self-care, professional assistance, and empathy. By emphasizing emotional well-being, resilience flourishes, fostering a nurturing atmosphere for those in need.


Coach AK at Google

Coach AK discusses how to embrace self-discovery, conquer procrastination and build habits for success.

Coach AK at Engel & Volkers on success in one’s professional and personal life.

Coach AK discusses the lists you make to get where you need to be at Creative Mornings.


6 daily habits that high achievers can use to improve productivity

5-minute exercise to build your own confidence

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